Winter Pool Care: Covering & Winterizing vs. Leaving Open

We understand that your pool is an investment. There are two ways to protect your investment during the off-season: close your pool or leave your pool open. Consider the pros and cons of each when deciding how to care for your pool this winter.

Covering & Winterizing Your Pool


  • Covering and winterizing your pool with a Safety Cover keeps kids, 4-legged friends, debris, and anything else from unexpectedly entering your pool
  • No monthly chemical maintenance costs
  • Go away on vacation without worrying about pipes/equipment freezing


  • Opening to a green pool if you don’t close and open at the right temperature with the right chemicals
  • Taking time to uncover and dewinterize your pool or paying someone to do it

How should I close my pool? Follow these 6 Simple Steps to Close Your Pool.

Leaving Your Pool Open


  • You’ll only need to have your pool water analyzed once a month by Parnell Pool & Spa to keep your pool sanitized and properly chemically balanced
  • Use less chlorine during colder months
  • Continued maintenance of water balance means less upfront cost in Spring
  • More aesthetically pleasing than a covered pool
  • Jump right in as soon as you’re ready
  • Not having to worry about the process of pool opening/closing


  • Having to possibly remove leaves during the fall
  • Having to add chemicals to keep your pool sanitized and properly chemically balanced
  • Monitoring pool to ensure pipes & equipment don’t freeze in low temperatures

How can I care for my open pool through the Winter? Click here to learn how.

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