6 Steps to Properly Close Your Pool

Our goal for you is that you open your pool in the Spring to clear, comfortable, protected water. A good pool opening starts with proper pool closing. Whether you have an inground or above ground pool, following these 6 simple steps for closing your pool will help you have a pain free pool opening.

1. Chemically clean your filter

Using Strip Kwik and Kleen-it, remove built-up oils, greases, calcium, and scale deposits from your filter. Consult a Parnell Pool & Spa Water-Care Expert on proper use and handling of these chemicals.


Don’t damage your investment! Properly balance your pool water before closing.

2. Properly balance your pool water for “cold weather conditions”

2A. Take a proper water sample from your pool. Want to be sure you remember how to take a proper water sample? 

2B. Bring in the sample of your pool water several days before closing to allow time for the addition of needed balancers.

2C. Follow up with a second water sample 48 hours after adding the initial balancing chemicals to ensure proper concentrations before closing.

Note: Properly balancing your pool water will help protect you pools surfacing, vinyl liner, gel-coat in a fiberglass pool, and the plaster finish in a concrete pool. Too many pool owners believe that if no swimmers are in the pool that chemicals are not required. 50% of the reason why we add balancing chemicals, pH increaser or decreaser, Total Alkalinity Increaser, and Calcium Hardness Increaser is to protect the pool, surfacing, pool components such as lights, and pool equipment such as pumps.

3. Add your winterizing chemicals

3A. Choose your winterization kit based on the size of your pool. Not sure which to choose? Consult a Parnell Pool & Spa Water-Care Expert.

3B. Add your winter chemicals to your pool and allow the pump and filter system to continue running for a minimum of 2 hours to allow the chemicals to mix properly.

3C. Make sure your pool water looks clear and clean before closing.

4. Prepare your pool

4A. Clean your pool completely. Remove all leaves and debris and vacuum the bottom. Covering up problems will only make them worse when you reopen! Leaving debris in your pool all winter is a tremendous contributing factor to Chlorine Demands.

4B. Turn off the pump and filter system.

4C. Remove your skimmer basket, vacuum plate, skimmer lid, and floating weir (if possible) from your skimmer. Place them in a box clearly marked for your pool equipment for winter storage.

4D. Install a “Gizzmo” into your skimmer to prevent freeze damage. One of our Pool-Care Experts will gladly assist you with both “Gizzmo” sizing and installation instructions.

4E. Remove the threaded “eyeball” return fitting from your return line inside the pool. Install a threaded or rubber plug into the return line to prevent water from leaking out through the line. Consult one of our Team Members for proper plug installation.

4F For Above Ground Pools Specifically:

• For pools with Aqua-Luminator light systems, see one of our Sales Associates for proper instructions on winterizing the light.

 • Disconnect the filter hoses from the bottom of the skimmer and from the return port on the outside of the pool. Place the steel hose clamps into your winter box.

4F For In-Ground Pools Specifically:

 • Remove Ladders and Handrails. Mark and store fittings and bolts in your winter box.

4G. Install your Winter Cover or Safety Cover according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t have a winter cover or a safety cover? Is your old cover in need of replacement? Our Pool Care Experts will help you find the cover that is the perfect fit for both your pool and your budget.

5. Prepare your pump

5A. Unplug your pump motor or turn off the breaker if your unit is hardwired through a switch.

5B. Remove the lid from your hair and lint pot located directly in front of your motor. Make sure to check the lid o-ring for damage. Remove the strainer basket from your hair and lint pot and place the lid, o-ring, and strainer basket into your winter equipment box.

5C. Remove the small freeze plugs from the outside bottom of the Hair and lint pot and pump impeller housing and place them into the winter box. Check with a member of the Parnell Pool & Spa Team if you have questions about where these are located.

5D. Make sure the pump and motor are protected from standing water. You may remove the pump and motor completely by disconnecting the filter hoses and wiring if you so choose.

6. Prepare your filter

6A. Remove the drain cap at the bottom of your filter tank.

6B. Remove the pressure gauge from your dial valve assembly at the top of the tank.

6C. Remove your air relief valve from the dial valve assembly. (If applicable)

6D. Remove the “sight glass” from the dial valve assembly.

6E. Place your dial valve handle in the “winterization” mode.

6F For Pools with the FROG system:

• Remove the Torpedo (Chlorine Tab) pack

• Remove the Mineral pack

• Remove the two freeze plugs at the bottom of the unit

• Place the freeze plugs and lid into your winter box

• Speak with one of our team members about the disposal or storage of unused chemicals

• Place the removed items into the winter box for safe storage

If you have a question about the proper running of your pool or spa, contact us or stop by our Fayetteville or Lumberton location anytime. While in the store, check out our products, purchase chemicals for your pool/hot tub, or get a specific question answered by one of our experts. Feel free to follow us on Facebook and Instagram as well.

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