Prepping Your Above-Ground Pool for Winter

Is it just us, or did the summer fly by? Now, before you know it, winter will be here! As much as you would like to go back to swim season, it’s time to start thinking of the colder days to come. Prepping your above-ground pool for winter is essential if you want a problem-free opening come spring. You can do it!  Let’s get started and review what needs doing.

Don’t Rush Into Things

Algae needs warm water to bloom. The last thing you want to do is open your pool next year to find green water. But, don’t worry. That’s easily avoided just by waiting until the water is cooler. Wait until the air temperature is consistently cooler than 65°F but above freezing. Late October is usually a safe bet!

Clean the Pool

Clean the pool thoroughly. A clean pool makes it easier to balance the chemicals and will help the water stay in balance. Vacuum, brush the sides, and skim the surface.


Test your pool water. You can check it at home, but the end of the season is also a good time to stop by for a professional water test. Bring in a sample a few days before you’re planning to close and we’ll make sure you’re set! 

Balance the Pool Chemistry

We offer winterizing kits, and our pool chemical experts can advise you as to which one would be appropriate for your pool. Our line of BioGuard® winterizing kits have everything you need to make pool closing a breeze. Once you add your winterizing chemicals, you should run your pool filter and pump for at least 2 hours.

Prepare the Skimmer

Remove the skimmer basket and disconnect the filter hoses. Store them in a dry place.  

Prepare the Pump and Filter

Remove the drain plugs, pool pump, chlorinator, and hoses. Store everything together in a dry indoor place. The method you use to winterize your filter will depend on the type you have. We’re happy to give you some advice about what’s best in your case. 

Add an Air Pillow

Use an air pillow to create an uneven surface under your pool cover. This will prevent any damage from water that may form on top and freeze. It will also cause any debris to collect to the side and make for an easy clean up come spring.

Cover It Up

The end is in sight! The last thing to do is to place your pool cover over the air pillow and secure it with cables and/or clips.

We know prepping your above-ground pool takes some time and effort, but you’ll be glad you did it correctly when spring rolls around and your pool opening is smooth and surprise-free! For more specifics about the closing process, read our very informative blog article that goes in-depth on the details of prepping your pool for winter. 

Need a winterizing kit, or just a little advice? Parnell Pool & Spa is here to take the guesswork out of closing your pool for the season. Stop by one of our locations anytime. 

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