Free ALEX Water Testing

Free ALEX Water Testing

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Free ALEX Water Testing

BioGuard was the first to come up with the concept of computerizing the act of water testing. Now, it seems like a no-brainer, but at the time it was revolutionary. Now, ALEX computerized water testing is the fastest, most accurate, most advanced method to test water and determine your product needs.

ALEX stands for AnaLysis EXpert, which is what we can truly claim here at Parnell Pool & Spa! 

Just bring a sample of your pool or spa water to Parnell Pool & Spa, and our water technicians will give you a personalized, step-by-step guide for whatever your pool needs. We’ll give you the right products, the first time, with no guesswork and no “Oops! Didn’t work! Let’s try again!” After all, this is your pool investment and your family’s health we’re talking about. No room for guessing there!

Our ALEX water testing technicians are fully trained — not just once, but on a regular basis to assure they are giving you the best, most accurate recommendations and products. A computerized test in our store is far more accurate than your water test strips at home. Use the home test strips for your regular tests 2-3 times per week. Use our ALEX computerized tests when you open and close your pool, and every four to six weeks during the swimming season.

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