Will My Hot Tub Utility Costs Be Higher In Winter?

There is nothing quite like stepping into a hot tub in the dead of winter. The heat and steam of the water, the contrasting chill of the air temperature, the stars above: It’s a unique and thrilling experience. But wait, are you worried how much the experience will cost you? Have you been asking yourself, “Will my hot tub utility costs be higher in winter”? The short answer is, if you live in a colder climate, probably yes. But the good news is, not that much higher if you take a bit of care. Let’s find out what steps you can take to keep those utility costs down. 


It turns out it is much more energy efficient to leave your hot tub heater running at a consistent temperature. It uses less energy to keep it set at one temperature than to turn it down, then crank it up each time you want to use it. If you lower the temperature to 100-102, it will be plenty warm enough for you to enjoy on a winter’s night. 

Clean That Filter

Your system will have to work a lot harder if the filter is not clean. The equation is simple: the system working longer and harder equals higher energy costs.


Most heat from a hot tub escapes from the surface. A cover with radiant heat shields will insulate very efficiently and reduce your operating costs. Cheap covers are a no go.

Insulating Blankets

A hot tub thermal blanket is a device that you float on the water’s surface, then top with the insulated cover. Combining these two items will keep the temperature of the water from escaping even better than using a cover on its own. People who take this step rave about how well it works.

Air Jets

Cold air can get in through the hot tub’s air jets, making the heater work harder to maintain a constant temperature. We recommend that you close off these jets when the hot tub is not in use. It is a simple matter to open them up again when you want to use the hot tub, and your energy savings could be significant.

Start With Quality

Is your hot tub over 10 years old? It may not have the energy-saving features of today’s newer models. If winter energy costs are a concern, it may be time for an upgrade. If you are in the market for a new hot tub, look for a quality brand equipped with all the latest energy-saving technology. Things have come a long way in the past decade. Nowadays, hot tubs come with extra-reinforced base pans, which prevent energy loss down through the ground. An insulated base pan can save you a lot in energy costs. In addition, newer hot tub models come with extremely well-insulated sides and durable, tightly-fitted covers.

Your hot tub is meant to be enjoyed, and that means all year long! If you have been wondering if your hot tub utility costs will be higher during the winter, these suggestions may help to reduce them. Parnell Pool & Spa has been providing families with their dream-come-true backyard experiences for over 60 years. If you are in the market for a new hot tub, we are here for you with the highest quality product and the ultimate in customer support. Our relationship with you doesn’t end with the conclusion of the sale. Please contact us by phone or stop by our showrooms and talk to our professionals about making the perfect hot tub a reality for you.

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