What is a Non-Chlorine Pool?

For many years, chlorine has been the number-one water sanitizer used in swimming pools. Inexpensive, effective, and readily available, chlorine has been the standard for both residential and commercial pools. However, today’s consumers are nothing if not savvy about their options. Demanding pool sanitation products that are more eco-friendly, easier to use, and less “smelly” than chemical products, the pool industry has responded with alternative sanitation systems, and many consumers are buying in.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Chlorinated Pools

The benefits of using chlorine in a pool are:

  1. Thorough Sanitization
  2. Oxidation of bacteria in the water
  3. Prevention of algae formation

However, chlorine does have some drawbacks: 

  1. A strong odor
  2. Allergic skin reactions for some swimmers with sensitive skin
  3. Potential eye redness and irritation
  4. Fabric fading and lightening of hair when exposed often

In recent years, a few non-chlorine options have become available and are increasingly popular. If you’re interested in a non-chlorine swimming pool, here are some alternative ways to sanitize your water.


Bromine can be used as a substitute for chlorine, although it is in the same chemical family as chlorine. Firstly, it is a good sanitizer but does not oxidize bacteria as well as chlorine. Secondly, bromine may burn off faster in a sunny pool. Thirdly, bromine is more expensive to use than chlorine. On the other hand, it does remain stable in higher water temperatures. For this reason, it is more commonly used in hot tubs.


Ionizers use two metals: copper, which is an algaecide, and silver, which is a sanitizer. An ionizer uses electricity to send charged metal ions into the water to sanitize and reduce algae. However, it is still necessary to add some chlorine to provide the proper level of oxidation in your pool. Finally, with ionizers, the pool pumps need to be run continuously, which is expensive and energy inefficient.


Ozonators are devices that are attached to the pool’s filtration system and inject ozone gas into the pool water. Ozone is an extremely effective bactericide and a powerful sanitizer that will considerably reduce the need for chlorine. However, an important consideration is that ozonators are less effective in humid climates. Moreover, if you have an ozonator it is necessary to run your pool pump continuously, which is costly.


If you want to completely eliminate the use of chlorine in your pool, we recommend a biguanide (PHMB) based pool sanitizing system. PHMB is an extremely effective pool sanitizer that replaces the use of chlorine or bromines. Here at Parnell Pool & Spa, we proudly offer the biguanide-based BioGuard® SoftSwim Program®. With the use of SoftSwim products, your swimming experience will be greatly improved in three easy steps. Above all, your pool water will be softer, clearer, and easier on your hair and eyes.

Pool Requirements for the BioGuard SoftSwim Program:

  1. An in-ground or above ground pool
  2. A pool of 25,000 gallons or less
  3. Bottom draining
  4. Good filtration using a sand filter
  5. A pump that can operate 10-12 hours per day
  6. Works with any type of surface, vinyl-lined pools in particular
The SoftSwim Program: Simple and Effective

The BioGuard SoftSwim Program uses three basic products. Use Step A every one to two weeks to prevent algae. Next, use Step B to sanitize the water with biguanide every two weeks. You will find it gentle, effective, and extremely easy on the skin and eyes. Lastly, Step C, used about once a month, oxidizes contaminants and clarifies the pool water.  

In addition, these SoftSwim products are available to you for improved performance as needed:  SoftSwim Filter Cleaner, SoftSwim Filter Aid, and SoftSwim Stain Control.

In conclusion, the use of the SoftSwim Program can completely eliminate the need for chlorine in your pool. If you’re interested in a non-chlorine pool, this system may be what you are looking for! The softer water, lack of skin and eye irritation, and absence of chlorine odor will dramatically improve your swimming experience. We are the premier BioGuard product dealer in the area. Call Parnell Pool & Spa today and see if a non-chlorinated pool may be right for you.

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