What Is a 3-Step Water Care System?

Understanding The Differences

The days of an overly chlorinated pool are over. With the help from a 3-Step Program, water care can be easy and effortless. A 3-Step Program takes into account the basics of pool water management: sanitize, shock, and algae prevention. 

What is a 3-Step Water Care System?

Most water care systems touch upon three major components. 

  1. Sanitizer: The first step to clean pool water is to kill the bacteria. Chlorine is the most commonly used chemical in swimming pools and is an inexpensive, safe option. Most programs utilize chlorine in the tablet or stick form that can be added to floating dispensers or used with an in-line or offline chlorine feeder. 
  2. Shock: Shocking the pool is the process of adding chemicals to break apart chloramines, quickly raise and maintain chlorine levels, and kill any algae or bacteria that may be harmful. 
  3. Algae Prevention: The final step to crystal clear water is to prevent the growth of algae by using an algaecide. Algae can enter your pool through rainwater, wind, dirt, and even on a swimmer’s body. An algaecide will help to prevent the growth of algae and get rid of any found within your water. 

3-Step Systems Available on the Market

  • The BioGuard 3-Step Care is a proven system that makes pool care more manageable. It is excellent for a busy pool of any size and surface type. The 3-Step System is comprised of the Sanitize BioGuard Silk Tabs and Silk Sticks, BioGuard Smart Shock, and BioGuard Back-up. 
  • BioGuard Mineral Springs is created for saltwater pools and favored as a simpler and gentler approach to pool care. The system is made up of Mineral Springs Beginnings (scale prevention), Mineral Springs Renewal (salt, balancer, clarifier in one), and Mineral Springs Stain and Scale (protects from scale accumulation). 
  • Salt Scapes contains a line of products that help with saltwater pool maintenance and chemical use. While it is not a 3-Step Program, the products help with Algae Remover, pH Reducer, SunShield Stabilizer, Scale Defender, and a Cell Cleaner. 
  • Softswim (mineral water) is a non-chlorine sanitizing system that consists of three products. SoftSwim A is a patented algae prevention product. SoftSwim B is a chlorine-free sanitizer (biguanide system) that is easy on the skin, hair, and eyes. SoftSwim C is a highly-effective clarifier and oxidizer that keeps the chemicals in your pool lasting longer.
  • Frog Leap System is a mineral pool care system that uses a low dose of chlorine to kill bacteria found in the pool water. The system consists of an Infuzer that contains two pacs: an anti-bac mineral pac and a torpedo pac that kills bacteria and ensures the correct amount of chlorine is added. 

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