Tips for the Best 4th of July BBQ at Home

This year your 4th of July celebration may be just you and your “Quaran-team”. Nothing evokes “Americana” more than a backyard barbeque party. Even if it is just a small group, you can make this day one to remember. Here are a few tips for hosting the best 4th of July BBQ right at home in your own backyard.

Pool Preparation

If you have a pool, preparing it properly for your party is the first step. Parnell Pool and Spas can help you with water care products and advice. You will want to check your filter for debris, run your pump for a few hours, test your water, and adjust your chemical levels as needed. We also recommend that you shock your pool water the day before the party to ensure that it will be crystal clear for your event.

Clean Your BBQ Grill

Your grill is the key component for a successful backyard BBQ. A clean grill functions best. You want to make sure this baby is clean as a whistle in advance of your party. You will need a bucket of water, a stiff wire brush, and maybe a little elbow grease. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions as to cleaning methods specific to your grill, but basically you will want to remove those grates and give them a thorough scrubbing.

4th of July Decor

The color scheme for a 4th of July BBQ is pretty much a no-brainer. Your decor doesn’t have to be expensive. Go to town with all the red, white, and blue paper goods and decorations you can purchase or DIY. Stars and stripes paper decorations are readily available at the dollar store. And you can find plenty of red, white and blue balloons and flowers at your local grocery store. It won’t take much to turn your backyard into a patriotic extravaganza!

4th of July Beverages

Any party held outdoors on a warm day is going to require plenty of cold drinks. Make sure you have something for everyone. Try making Watermelon Slushies in your blender with 4 cups of watermelon, ¼ cup of sugar, and ice. The kids will love them and the color is just right for the occasion. For adults, stock your cooler with lots of water, soft drinks, beer, and wine. Lemonade and iced tea are always a great choice as well. Be sure to have plenty of ice on hand.

4th of July BBQ Food

There’s no question that the centerpiece of a successful backyard BBQ is the food. There are plenty of recipe ideas to choose from, but we suggest you make it easy on yourself and keep things simple. Good old hamburgers and hot dogs could not be more American, or easier to cook. Consider a “fixings” station complete with several styles of mustard, ketchup, relish, pickles, grated cheese, and salsa. Prepare in advance dishes such as potato salad, coleslaw, and slow cooker baked beans will keep you out of the kitchen and with your guests. And don’t forget dessert! This can be as simple as providing the makings for ice cream sundaes, or a sheet cake decorated with white frosting, red raspberries, and blueberries.


The thoughtful host will want to provide a few extras for their guests to make the party experience the most comfortable. Have on hand plenty of sunscreen, bug spray, extra towels, and bottled water. Everyone will be grateful to skip the sunburn and bug bites!

There’s nothing like a 4th of July BBQ by the pool. Everyone is happy to celebrate America’s birthday and have fun in the sun. The decor, food, drink options are vast and easy to put together, and hey, at the end of the day there are fireworks! The most important ingredients for a successful 4th of July party is to get the family prepared, prepare ahead, enjoy the sunshine, and have fun. And don’t forget to stop by and stock up on pool and spa chemicals before the big day!

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