Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Pool

Greetings, pool owners! Happy summer, or as we like to say at Parnell, swim season! This is what it’s all about. This is the reason all of us pool owners invested in a pool and why we keep the pool maintained all year long.

We’ve put together a few of our favorite tips for summer pool maintenance. This is not at all a comprehensive guide to pool care! These are just some tips and tricks we use to keep our own pools swim-ready from Memorial Day through Labor Day (and, if we’re lucky, beyond!)

DO make a habit out of skimming and inspecting each time you swim.

Big problems usually start out as little issues. But if undetected or unaddressed, the little things grow and become expensive — and worse — keep you out of your pool! Take just 5 minutes before hopping in your pool to skim out leaves and debris. Check for water quality issues, circulation problems, cracks, or anything else that doesn’t look just right. You’ll relax and enjoy your swim more knowing your pool is in good shape!

DON’T try to save by buying cheap pool chemicals.

We see it every day. After spending tens of thousands of dollars on a pool, people try to save a few bucks by getting the cheapest pool products they can find online or at the big box store. But in the long run, they have problems that are more costly to fix than good chemicals would have been. The “good stuff” costs more because: 1. It’s carefully formulated by professionals, carefully stored by professionals, and carefully transported by professionals. 2. It’s not watered down, meaning less of the product delivers more benefits than the cheap stuff.

DO fill the pool when the water level dips.

If the water level drops too low, your pump and filters won’t work properly. In fact, running the pool when little or no water is circulating through the system can damage your equipment. As you skim and examine your pool, pay attention to when it’s time to pull over the garden hose, attach the filter, and add some el agua to the swimming pool.

DON’T neglect the areas around your pool.

Chipped concrete, a loose tile, broken patio furniture, a ripped umbrella … all of these are safety issues, both to you, and potentially to your pool. Plus, you will enjoy your summer oasis so much more when it’s nice, well-kept, and beautiful! Pay attention to landscaping, as well. Pull out any plants that die or develop diseases. Change up the looks of your surrounding areas from time to time, and you’ll always have a fresh perspective on your swimming pool and outdoor living areas.

DO know when to call on the pros.

From time to time, even the savviest pool owners face obstacles they’re unsure of or just get overwhelmed with the day-to-day chores of caring for the home and pool and need a helping hand. Reach out to the service professionals at Parnell Pool & Spa for help opening, closing, and troubleshooting your pool.

Happy Swim Season!

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