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What is a Salt Cell?

Lately, more and more pool owners have passed on traditional chlorine and switched to alternate methods of pool sanitation, and to salt systems in particular. Saltwater pools offer big perks, like reduced skin and eye irritation, no chemical odors, and improved swimming experience. While saltwater pools still contain chlorine, it’s a reduced level. Instead, you add sodium chloride (salt), and a salt chlorine generator, or “salt cell,” converts the sodium chloride into chlorine by electrolysis. Check out this informative video to learn more about the benefits of having a salt chlorine generator for your pool.

How to Maintain

Your salt cell is an essential component of your pool sanitizing system. A salt cell will last up to five years if maintained regularly and properly. To ensure a long lifespan for your salt cell, you need to stick to a regular cleaning schedule to remove the build-up of scale that forms over time. We recommend that you clean your salt cell once each season. Regular cleaning will result in the unit’s extended life and enhance its ability to work efficiently, saving you money and time.

Let the Pros Handle It

The absolute easiest way to maintain your salt cell is to let us handle it for you. Right now is a great time to save some money on the service. Schedule your salt cell cleaning service with Parnell Pool & Spa, and you can save 15% now through November 30, 2020. Contact us at your earliest convenience to get on our schedule. 

DIY Kits

Alternatively, we also have DIY kits available if you prefer to do it yourself. We are offering these kits at a 15% discount as well. Our experienced staff can walk you through the steps to cleaning your salt cell on your own.

Peace of Mind

Checking this one critical step of pool maintenance off your to-do list will give you peace of mind. Prolonging the life of your salt cell unit with regular cleaning and keeping it working at peak efficiency is a win/win! You’ll save time and money, plus eliminate a potential hassle in the future.

Your salt cell generator makes it easier for you to keep your pool clean and sanitized. Treat it right, and it will keep on working for you for its maximum lifespan. Don’t miss our salt cell cleaning special, now through November 30, 2020. Contact us today to schedule your cleaning or to pick up a DIY kit.

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