Robotic Cleaner Benefits & Troubleshooting

Understanding Pool Cleaning Options

A robotic pool cleaner is an excellent addition to your pool maintenance routine. With each robotic pool cleaner boasting different features and benefits, they can help save time and money while also making pool maintenance simpler and more efficient. With computerized intelligence and electrical sensors, the cleaning power of a robotic pool cleaner is downright incredible. 

3 Types of Pool Cleaners

There are three main types of pool cleaners. 

  • Suction: Suction pool cleaners connect to a suction line, usually the wall skimmer, and “suck” up debris in the pool water sending it to the pool’s filtration system. 
  • Pressure: Pressure pool cleaners hook up to the return jet in the pool and are powered by water using a separate booster pump. The cleaner has a filter bag and moves around the pool at random. 
  • Robotic: A robotic pool cleaner operates under its own power source and does not rely on the filter pump or suction line. It operates much like a robotic vacuum cleaner through the use of suction and pressure. 

Benefits of Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners are more cost-effective than other traditional pool cleaners because they don’t rely on the pool filter or pump to supply power. They are also environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. With enhanced functionality and features, their compact size and ability to clean small sizes particles make them high performers in the realm of pool cleaning. 

Troubleshooting Robotic Pool Cleaners

With any pool equipment that has moving parts and pieces, there is a possibility that the unit will stop working or not work as intended. When this happens, there are a few things that can be done to troubleshoot the situation. 

Clean Filter

A robotic cleaner uses its own self-contained filter. If the cleaner is not working properly, it is best to start with the path of least resistance and clean out the filter bag. 

  • Unplug the unit
  • Remove the filter bag
  • Rinse the unit thoroughly
  • Place the filter bag back into the unit

Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s user manual for filter replacement and proper installation. 

Power Source

Robotic pool cleaners are electric and equipped with their own power stations that need to be kept above water and away from the pool. Due to the fact that they have an electrical power source, the next thing to do when problem-solving is to investigate the electrical connection. 

  • Is the floating power cord firmly plugged into the power source?
  • Is the power supply light on? 
  • Is the unit receiving power? 
  • Is there a short at the fuse box?
  • Does the power cord have a short?
  • Is the power cord compromised? Are any of the wires frayed or broken near connectors?

Motor and Belts

If the robotic pool cleaner is connected to the power source, the issue may be the motor or belts. 

  • First, check to make sure that the belts and wheels are properly aligned. If the belts or wheels have slipped off the tracks, are not in the right position, or loose, the unit can not move and work as intended. 
  • When checking the belts, make sure that no small parts are missing or worn. If the drive tracks or wheel brushes are worn, they may need to be replaced. 
  • Next, inspect the motor and make sure connections are tight and power is reaching the motor. If the motor is not responding, it may need to be replaced. 

Still Not Working?

If the robotic pool cleaner is still not working, you may need to call the professionals. At Parnell Pool and Spa, we know that pool maintenance and care can be a daunting task. If you run into problems with your robotic pool cleaner, we are here to help! Stop by our Fayetteville or Lumberton location to ask questions, get advice, and check out some of our products. Visit us online at www.parnellpoolandspa.com or take a look at our Facebook page.  

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