How to Protect Your Pool in Severe Weather

The Atlantic hurricane season officially lasts from June 1 through November 30 each year. But North Carolinians know that bad weather can literally hit anytime from January through December. Usually, we have some warning. Sometimes, it hits us unawares. But pool owners can be prepared for whatever Mother Nature tosses our way with this simple guide to protecting your pool in severe weather.

Turn off your pool equipment. 

Due to the potential of flooding and lightning, you should not try to run your pump, heater and other pool equipment during a storm. The potential for harm to the equipment outweighs the good any circulation might do.

Resist the urge to cover your pool. 

You’re probably worried about leaves, limbs, and debris, and we understand that. But severe winds and heavy rains can damage a very expensive pool cover, and a tree limb or other large debris can puncture it. Resign yourself to a little cleanup after the storm, and protect your valuable pool cover in your safe storage area.

Test and treat your pool water as normal.

Many storms blow by without the severe consequences predicted. Others turn out worse than forecasted. Since you don’t know how it will turn out, go ahead and set your pool up for success by balancing the water and adding any necessary chemicals before the storm. Then you’ll start out any repair necessary with clean, healthy, well-balanced water.

Put chemicals and other valuable or sensitive items away.

After you get your pool treated and balanced, put your cover, chemicals, auto-cleaners, and any other toys, equipment, or pool items safely away. Pick a place that isn’t likely to flood or be damaged by high winds. You can store your pool pump and filter, as well as other removable items, if you wish, to protect them from flooding or other potential damage. You won’t need these things until after the storm, anyway.

Stay away from your pool in severe weather conditions.

Ideally, you should do all of this at least one full day before the storm hits. Handling water, chemicals, and electrical equipment during a storm or hurricane is not cool. If a sudden storm hits and catches you by the pool, your life is worth far more than the pool, equipment, and supplies! Leave it out, seek shelter safely inside, and hope for the best.
Parnell Pool & Spa is here for you before AND after the storm for whatever supplies you need. Got a particularly big mess? You may need a service call. Let us know how we can help — and stay safe, everyone!

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