Pool Covers: How to Choose the Right One

Protecting Your Pool the Easy Way

Winter, safety, automatic — our knowledgeable experts at Parnell Pool and Spa can help you find a durable, dependable cover that is compatible with your pool. Whether you want the total ease of an automatic pool cover or a simple manual pool cover, installing a pool cover doesn’t have to take away from the beauty and convenience of your outside living space.

Benefits of Pool Covers

Pool covers are a great way to:

  • Reduce the loss of pool water and chemicals over time
  • Prevent debris from entering and harming your pool
  • Reduce heating costs and lower insurance premiums
  • Prevent possible accidents for family members and pets (safety covers) 
  • Protect your pool and equipment year-round 

Pool Covers

Pool covers help to reduce dirt and debris, lessen the number of hours needed to reopen the pool, and protect your pool surfaces and equipment from damage. When deciding on a pool cover, think about which type is best for you and your pool. 

  • Winter Cover: A simple cover placed over the pool that is secured by water-filled bags. The purpose of this cover is to keep out debris and dirt that may damage your pool. 
  • Safety Cover: A strong cover secured by pins (or ties) that lays flat on the pool and even with the deck. It keeps debris out of the pool and prevents people and animals from potential injuries. 
  • Automatic Cover: A sturdy cover that utilizes an automated mechanism to roll the thick vinyl cover over the pool water. Automatic covers are also designed to prevent accidents and keep loved ones (and pets) out of harm’s way.

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