Is free water testing a way to get me to buy?

Parnell Pool & Spa gives a lot of free water tests. But we often hear from customers who think that we’re only try to sell them something if they bring a water sample in for a free water testing. We want you to know, this isn’t so! We provide the test because we are a part of this community. Our families live and work and play here, too, and we know that clean pool water is healthy for all our families, children, and grandchildren.

In fact, we have two regular customers who regularly receive PERFECT (yes, we said PERFECT!) water test scores, so they never have to buy anything!

Meet Recent Perfect Score #1, D. Smith

Customer D. Smith gets 5 Stars for Water Clarity and Protection. His levels of pH, Free Chlorine, Calcium Hardness, Phosphate, and other essential chemicals are ideally balanced. We can’t add to or take away from this level of perfection! Mr. Smith uses SilkGuard Complete® 3” Tablets, Smart Shock®, Algae Complete®, and Pool Complete™ in the right quantities on a regular basis to get his outstanding results. Mr. Smith just received his third “perfect” score in a row!

Meet Recent Perfect Score #2, J. Odell

In case you think Mr. Smith is a fluke, let us introduce you to J. Odell. Mr. Odell uses the same products and also scores 5 Stars on critical health issues like Water Clarity. Like Mr. Smith, his report reads, “Congratulations! Your water is perfectly balanced and you do not need to add any products at this time.

So, when you come into Parnell Pool and Spa for free water testing, it’s not about selling you stuff. It’s about making sure you, your family, and your investment in your swimming pool are 100% safe, happy, and healthy.

Come in today for a free water test at Parnell Pool and Spa!

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