How To Keep A Non-Chlorine Pool Clean

Not a big fan of chlorine? If you have sensitive skin, you might prefer a pool that doesn’t use chlorine. And, of course, some people love that classic chlorine smell we all associate with swimming pools, and others would rather skip it. If you’re in the skip it camp, you do have other options. Chlorine is a great water sanitizer, but lately, more people are turning towards non-chlorine methods to keep their pool clean. Non-chlorine pools provide softer feeling water, less irritation to eyes and skin, and what many people consider to be an improved swimming experience.


Bromine has less odor and it can be gentler for sensitive skin. Although, chemically it is in the same family as chlorine and it isn’t quite as effective as chlorine.


An ionizer uses electricity to send charged metal ions into the water to sanitize and reduce algae. You need to run the pool pump fairly continuously and you will still need to add some chlorine to the water to provide proper oxidation.


Ozonators inject ozone into your pool water through your filtration system.  Since ozone is not a chemical, there are no chemical by-products left behind. However, you will still need to use some chlorine and also run the pump all the time. Ozonators are not as effective in humid climates.


Our favorite method for keeping a non-chlorine pool clean is to use a biguanide (PHMB) sanitation system. With these products, you can easily achieve soft, clean, non-chlorine water. We recommend the BioGuard® SoftSwim Program® to our customers. BioGuard’s Soft Swim products are best for bottom draining inground or above-ground pools of 25,000 gallons or less, pools with sand filters, and pool owners willing to run their pumps 12 hours a day. However, you don’t necessarily have to be an exact match to that criteria. Our experts can advise you if you are a good candidate for these non-chlorine products.

There are just a few simple steps if you use BioGuard’s SoftSwim Program. Start with Step A, which prevents algae growth. Follow with Step B, to sanitize and kill bacteria. Then, step C will oxidize and clarify your pool. Also, SoftSwim has filter cleaners, products for stain control, and an optimizer that reduces cloudiness and enhances water quality. With BioGuard’s SoftSwim system you can happily make the switch to a non-chlorine pool.

Consider joining the growing number of pool owners who have learned how to keep their pool clean the non-chlorine way. Want to learn more about your options? Come by either of our showrooms and talk with our pros about switching over to a non-chlorine pool!

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