How To Find Your Perfect Pool

Purchasing a pool is a large investment, so it’s important to do your research beforehand. One of the first questions to answer is, “Which type of pool you want?”. Two of the most popular pool types are vinyl and fiberglass. These inground pool types each come with their own pros in cons. To make finding your perfect pool easier, we’ve written up a comparison of vinyl-lined and fiberglass pools. 


If you are going to invest in an inground pool, the particulars matter. Depending on the size and shape of your yard, you may want your perfect pool to be in a specific shape. The ability to customize your pool is very important. Whether it’s to create your dream backyard or just to make the most of your space.

Our vinyl-lined pools come in thirteen designs to accommodate a variety of needs, but they are easy to customize with the addition of patterns, step options, spillover spas, and tanning ledges. Transform any pool into your dream oasis and equip your pool to suit your lifestyle. 

Our fiberglass pools come in 38 shape options. While their selection of shapes is wider, the designs cannot be changed. So stair placement or add-ons like tanning ledges cannot be inserted into the premade designs. You are not going to be at a loss when looking through our selection of fiberglass pools. We have so many shapes and sizes available. 


One of the most trying parts of purchasing an inground pool is waiting for it to be installed. You have spent months, maybe years, dreaming of enjoying your very own pool, and now that you have pulled the trigger, it’s time to slow down and wait for it to be made a reality. 

Fiberglass pools are definitely the faster pools to install. These pool-shells come straight from the manufacturing facility, ready to install. Depending on how long the actual landscaping aspect of your pool takes, you can be swimming in seven days or less. 

Vinyl-lined pools follow a more traditional installation timeframe. These pools can take three weeks or more to be installed. The majority of the time is spent waiting for the deck to settle.  While this is obviously longer than a fiberglass pool, vinyl-lined pools are more economical than fiberglass pools, a fact that can make waiting for them a bit easier. 


Once you have your new pool in your backyard the biggest concern is enjoying it – but to enjoy it, you need to care for it. Both vinyl and fiberglass pools are considered easier to care for than concrete-shelled pools, also called gunite pools. Our fiberglass pools, however, are equipped with a Gelcoat finish, that not only gives it a beautiful appearance but also makes these pools easier to maintain. Vinyl-lined pools do require their liner to be replaced every ten years or so, which makes them higher maintenance in the long run.

In the end, when it comes to finding the perfect pool of your dreams, there are numerous pros and cons to consider. Do you want to spend less on your initial installation and have more customization? Do you prefer a quick installation and lower maintenance? Contact our experts and we will help you find the right pool for your budget and your backyard.

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