How To Care For Your Hot Tub In Summer

Tips to Enjoy Your Hot Tub Year-Round

Pool days, backyard fun, and rising temperatures are signs that the weather is changing and summer festivities are about to begin. If you live in a hot climate, the summer weather also gives you plenty of days where the temperatures reach well above the 100-degree marker. As a hot tub owner, you may be wondering, can I still use my hot tub in the summer, or is that a bad idea? 

The answer to that question is a two-parter. Yes, you can still use your hot tub during the summer! However, you need to make sure you are doing it safely. 

Ideal Temperature

Most people like to keep their hot tubs at a steamy 104℉, but it might be a little too hot for most individuals to enjoy the water safely during the summer months. While everyone is different, it is a viable option to decrease your water temperature to prolong the amount of time you can safely stay in the hot tub and soak. The recommended water temperature during the summer is roughly 98℉, but there is some wiggle room when it comes to the “ideal” temperature. 

Try setting your hot tub temperature to a number around or lower than your body temperature (98.6 ℉). This water temperature will feel relaxing even on a sweltering day. Don’t like the cooler water setting? Take some time to learn what water temperature feels right and take advantage of those sunny days in the backyard.  

Keep Your Hot Tub Running

Some people may think the easiest way to reduce a hot tub’s temperature is to simply cut power to the unit. While that may be sound reasoning, turning the hot tub off will result in stagnant water and bacteria growth. Without the pump and circulation (even with lower temperatures), you run the risk of creating the perfect criteria for bacterial growth. 

Economy/Sleep Mode

The easiest way to safely keep your hot tub at the perfect temperature during the summer is to switch your control panel to “economy” or “sleep” mode. By switching to one of these settings, the hot tub will automatically maintain a lower temperature because the heater does not run 24/7. The “economy” or “sleep” mode allows you to keep your hot tub running while also circulating the water to keep everything clean, clear, and comfortable for use.  

Summer Mode

Some hot tubs have the option to place the unit in “summer mode.” The Summer Mode setting allows you to take advantage of the warmer summer air temperature and save on the electric bill. In Summer Mode, the spa’s heater and circulation pump will turn off after 8 hours. 

Hot Tub and Pool Chemicals

If you own a separate hot tub and a pool, make sure to know the differences between the chemicals. To the untrained eye, the chemical options for a pool and spa may seem very similar and interchangeable. However, there are many differences when it comes to your pool and spa water chemistry. Remember, always read the instructions for your chemicals (both pool and spa) to make sure you are using them correctly.

Test Your Water Often

As you prepare for the summer months, it is a good idea to test your hot tub water every few days. When analyzing your water, take note of the chlorine consumption, pH levels, and alkalinity. No matter the water temperature, you are more likely to use your hot tub during the summer months and this increased usage means more contaminants and bacteria. 

Need Help Testing Your Water?

At Parnell Pool & Spa, our trusted specialists use only the best equipment and procedures to get a complete and accurate reading of your hot tub water. Our computerized Water Analysis System, BioGuard’s® ALEX®, provides results in an instant with step-by-step instructions. Bring us your water sample today and leave knowing every step needed to get your hot tub water safe and sanitary. 

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