How Big of a Hot Tub Should I Get?

You have researched all the benefits of owning a hot tub. Aaaah, you can’t wait to relax, reduce stress, get better sleep, enjoy some hydrotherapy, spend more time with your spouse and family, and maybe even use it for entertaining. The hot tub lifestyle is one you think will suit you perfectly and you’re all set to dive in and start living the dream. But where to begin? Are you asking yourself, “How big of a hot tub should I get?” Never fear, we have some starting points to help you make the perfect decision.


The first thing to consider in choosing the right size hot tub is where you will put it. Porch? Deck? Patio? Obviously, it will need to fit in the spot you have allocated for it. However, you need to consider more than just the basic footprint. You must allow room to maneuver around it to perform maintenance, leave room for steps and handrails, and you’ll need space for the cover to be lifted back and stored.


The average hot tub owner only uses their spa for entertaining 2 to 3 times a year. If you are a family of three and only have guests in your hot tub a couple of times a year, there is no need to pay for an 8 person tub. On the other hand, if you want to become the toast of the neighborhood and host hot tub parties every Saturday night, then a larger size will suit your lifestyle better. So have that conversation with yourself. Who will be using the hot tub most often? Just you? You and your spouse? You, your partner, and the two kids? Or a party of six to eight friends every weekend?

Shape and Depth

A square hot tub with bench seats will take up the least amount of space. It will also have the most room in the footwell. If you opt for a circular tub, keep in mind that the footwell will be smaller, and there will be less room for your feet and those of your guests. If it is just you and your partner, playing footsie might be fun. You and your neighbor? Maybe not. Consider the depth of the tub as well. If you or any of your frequent users are below average in height, a deep tub will not be comfortable. Struggling to keep one’s head out of the water and to remain seated on the bench takes the fun out of the experience.


Once you determine how many people will be using the tub on average, you will need to think about the type of seating you would like. Do you want tons of jets? A lounge seat? More than one lounge seat? Lounge seats feel luxurious, with their reclined position and the perfect alignment of jets. They are a fantastic addition. On the other hand, lounge seats do take up more room in the hot tub and cut down on the number of users that can be accommodated. If you plan on having larger groups in the tub, bench seats allow for more users at one time.


There are many options when it comes to the kind and number of jets you can choose for your hot tub. What areas of your body do you want to be massaged? Your back, your neck, your feet? What type of massage do you want? Full-body, deep tissue? Consider the experience you want to have so you can maximize your hot tub enjoyment with proper jet configuration. Also, if you are above average in height, make sure the jets can be positioned so they hit the area of your body you need to be targeted.

We hope these points have given you some clarity on what to look for when deciding how big of a hot tub you should get. Still not sure? Parnell Pool & Spa can answer any of your questions and we’d be happy to walk you through all the considerations before making a purchase. Come down to one of our showrooms, and let’s talk!

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