Guide To Choosing The Right Hot Tub

It Is NOT Just About The Size And Shape

Whether you are looking for a hot tub to accommodate a family of four or deciding what may be the best option for your small screened-in porch, there are many spa options on the market. When determining the right size hot tub for your lifestyle, it is important to think about a few factors beyond just the spa’s location and size. 

Owning A Hot Tub Is An Experience

At Parnell Pool & Spa, most people approach us about buying a spa that has a specific size/location requirement or a hot tub that can comfortably hold a specific amount of people. While we understand that the size and location matter (and should be factored into the equation), owning a hot tub is about more than just the size and shape. In fact, owning a hot tub is about experiencing the jets’ relaxing qualities and letting the warm circulating water help you unwind!  

Number And Size 

There is a wide range of hot tub sizes on the market, and the number of seats plays a vital role in determining the overall dimensions of the spa. Think about two things when deciding on the number of seats.

  1. How many people will realistically be in the hot tub at one time?
  2. Who will be using the hot tub most frequently? 

Once you have narrowed down the key user(s), it is time to dive into how many seats you need to accommodate that amount of people. While you may think it is a simple mathematical equation and the number of seats will equal the number of people, that is not the case. The seat dimensions, footwell capacity, and size of the individuals using the hot tub play a role in how many people will comfortably fit in the unit. 

Number And Type of Jets

Next, think about what experience you want with your hot tub. While that may seem like a question you ask on a first date, it is one to consider when purchasing a spa. Owning a hot tub is a personal experience, and much of that pertains to the placement and massaging effects of the jets. From lounge seats to oscillating motorized heads, the jets of a hot tub have various purposes and specializations. 

To avoid getting overwhelmed by the number of jets to choose from, we often ask our customers to think about what experience they want from the spa. Maybe it is a deep tissue massage for the neck, shoulders, and back? Maybe it is a gentle soak at the end of the day to unwind and let go of daily stress? No matter the expected experience, the jet type and location help to determine the best configuration and overall size of the unit. 

Other Things To Consider

There are a few other things to consider when purchasing a hot tub and determining the size, shape, and style. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you explore different hot tub models.

  • Where will the hot tub be installed?
  • Will the hot tub fit in the space allotted when additional features are added? (stairs & cover lifts)
  • Do I have space to address any maintenance issues that may arise? Can a technician easily get to the access points on the shell for service? 
  • What time of year will I be using the hot tub? Or will it be intended for year-round use?
  • Do I want a lounge seat for a full body massage?
  • Is the location of my hot tub private? What are my sightlines when in the spa? 

Stop by for More Information

Once you decide on the size, location, and bather load for your ideal hot tub stop by our Fayetteville or Lumberton location anytime to check out our products and get any specific question answered by one of our experts. At Parnell Pool & Spa, we have been in the business for over 50 years and know a lot about picking the best spa for your experience. Visit us online at www.parnellpoolandspa.com or take a look at our Facebook page.  

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