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Parnell’s Perfect Score Challenge

Have you ever gone to the state fair and spent way too much money trying to win that purple stuffed gorilla? Or spent an arm and a leg trying to knock down those super glued milk jugs at a local fundraiser? At Parnell Pool & Spa, we have spent our fair share of time and money trying to attain the impossible. Fortunately for you, we are about to blow your mind with an amazing contest where perfection can be reached, and we will actually help you win!

The “Cooler” Perfect Water Challenge! 

Pool season is here and we are raffling off a Yeti™ Cooler each month, June-August! All you have to do is bring in a pool water sample to be tested at one of our store locations! Yes! You heard us correctly! An easy, stress-free, no-money-needed contest where anyone can win the prize! 

The “Cooler” Perfect Water Challenge is based on the idea of getting your pool water ready for summer’s festivities while also rewarding our customers by winning big! Every month from June until August, if you bring in a pool water sample and it registers as a perfect score in BioGuard’s® ALEX®, our computerized Water Analysis System, you will be entered into our monthly raffle to win a Yeti™ Cooler.

So, What IS a Perfect Score? 

The “Cooler” Perfect Water Challenge is based on the three main components of quality water. 

  1. Water Comfort: A properly balanced swimming pool means healthy and safe water. Irritation to the skin and eyes is caused by pool water that is not in the ideal range. 
  2. Water Clarity: Clarity in pool water is defined by sparkling and transparent water. Water clarity is calculated by the lack of suspended particulate matter in the water. Water clarity is important for the appearance of the water, disease prevention and swimmer safety. 
  3. Water Protection:  Balanced pool water is also about prolonging the life of your pool equipment. Water is always striving to reach an equilibrium with the surrounding human-made elements (pool surfaces, pool components and equipment). If the balance is thrown off, the water will leach calcium and other elements from your pool to obtain the right level. 

If these three components are balanced, you have water that is practically perfect in every way— comfortable for swimmers, crystal clear and protected from the elements. 

Further Break Down 

Now that the three main components of water quality are defined, let’s outline the key parameters of a water test analysis. Think of the key parameters like a report card. For each subject (in this case, water chemistry), there is a range provided that indicates an acceptable score. The “graded subjects” on your water chemistry report card are: 

  • Saturation Index
  • TDS (total dissolved solids)
  • pH 
  • Total Alkalinity
  • Calcium Hardness
  • Optimizer
  • Free Chlorine
  • Total Chlorine
  • CYA (cyanuric acid)
  • Phosphate
  • Salt (if applicable)

We Make Pool Care Easy

When you bring your pool water sample to one of our Parnell Pool & Spa locations, not only will we test your water for free…BUT…we will also tell you EXACTLY how to achieve a perfect score the next time around. We will provide a step-by-step printout of what needs to be done to your water to reach a “perfect water” score.

You may be wondering, have you ever seen a perfect water score, or is this thing rigged? Yes, we have seen perfect scores plenty of times! Check out an example of a perfect water analysis here. Whether it was attained the first time the individual walked through our doors or after they followed the step-by-step water analysis, perfect scores do exist. Now, we challenge you to get your pool water “Yeti” for summer’s festivities and reach that perfect water analysis score!  

BioGuard’s® ALEX® computerized Water Analysis System and its step-by-step analysis printout is designed for use with the BioGuard® chemicals named in the printout and are correct to the best of BioLab, Inc.’s knowledge. BioLab and Parnell Pool & Spa are not responsible for the use of products other than those named in the printout. Use of the analysis with other products could result in improper or inaccurate water treatment. Parnell Pool & Spa is unable to supply the step-by-step printout without the purchase of the BioGuard® chemicals recommended by ALEX® in the water analysis.

Challenge Details

So, go on and join us in our “Cooler” Perfect Water Challenge and bring a water sample to our Lumberton or Fayetteville locations to be tested. If you achieve a perfect score, share a photo of it on Facebook or Instagram! Be sure to tag us @Parnellpoolandspa, like our page, and use the hashtag #perfectwaterquality to be entered to win a Yeti™ Cooler each month. Show everyone just how amazing you are at keeping your pool water safe and healthy!

Disclaimer: The winner will be randomly selected from a pool of perfect water test scores at the end of the month. Individuals can only get their water tested once a day at one of the locations. The Yeti™ Cooler Prize will be announced at the end of each month and the final decision will be made by our sales team committee. The contest will run from June through August and only one cooler will be given away each month. Only one winner per household for the full contest timeframe. Please read the full rules here.

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