Get a $20 Rebate On Pool Juice

We’re excited to announce our newest product offering: Pool Juice™. This line of products is designed to keep pools cleaner, clearer and phosphate-free.

Pool Juice™ Phosphate Remover

  • Multi-benefit weekly treatment maintains low phosphate levels
  • Targeted enzymes keep pool water and surfaces clean
  • Dual-action clarifier blend creates dazzling water

Pool Juice™ ZERO

  • Super-powered phosphate treatment
  • Quickly lowers levels in as soon as 24 hours
  • 32 oz. bottle treats a 20k-gallon pool

Pool Juice™ 911

  • Instant Water Rescue for cloudy/hazy or murky/swampy water
  • Targeted enzymes and high-powered clarifiers
  • Significant results in 24 hours – also for occasional use

What causes high phosphate levels and why does it matter?

Source water, ground runoff and rain can serve as sources of phosphate, which can lead to dull, cloudy or hazy water conditions. Worse yet, harmful calcium phosphate scale on surfaces and equipment can form if pH and calcium hardness is high.
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This before and after picture shows the significant difference in just 24 hours after adding ½ bottle of Pool Juice 911, ½ bottle of Algae Complete and 3 bags of Burn Out 73 to a 24,000 gallon pool. The needs of each pool vary, so be sure to bring in a water sample for an expert water analysis!

How do I fix and prevent this problem?

To get and keep your pool phosphate-free, we recommend using Pool Juice™ ZERO (to bring those high levels down) and Pool Juice™ Phosphate Remover (to help you maintain acceptable levels). These products work hard so you don’t have to and they also pay it forward. Get a $20 rebate from now until June 30th with a valid receipt!

How do I qualify for the rebate?

A rebate form will be available to fill out in-store when you purchase BOTH Pool Juice™ ZERO & Pool Juice™ Phosphate Remover. Rebates come in the form of a $20 prepaid Visa card.It’s that simple! A clean pool and some money back in your pocket.

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