Ditch that vacation Plan ultimate staycation!

Fun. Leisure. Relaxation. It’s what everyone wants from their vacation, right? But what happens when all your plans get thrown out the window? Know that you aren’t alone, my friend. From sea to shining sea, Americans everywhere are looking for the best amenities to build an incredible staycation at home! Here are some excellent reasons to plan the ultimate staycation with a brand new hot tub.

Safe and Secure

When planning a vacation, you want to get away from it all. You can put down the phone, take a break from work, and lean into building relationships with the people you love. Don’t think that you need a road trip, airplane travel or a cruise to make that happen.

What is a staycation, anyway?  We’re so glad you asked! Staycation = stay home + vacation. It’s all the things you love about vacation, right in the comfort of your own home. Activities, events, and amenities can all happen locally. And all you need is one new addition to put this staycation over the top! Choose an amenity like a beautiful hot tub from Parnell Pool & Spa. Your luxurious hot tub retreat is perfect for individuals, couples, grandparents, and parents with teens and kids!

Happy at Home

With the enormous savings of staying close to home this year, you’ve got investment power to turn your home into the retreat of a lifetime. Investing in a hot tub from Parnell Pool & Spa is the ultimate staycation! You’ll have a backyard paradise that is your new favorite personal retreat. Plus, you’ll be investing long-term in endless family fun, deep relationships, and incredible relaxation and health benefits.

Make Memories Together

Don’t worry this year about a vacation that’s here today and gone tomorrow. Get ready to have the time of your life. From aquatic fitness to relaxing and conversing with your family, you’ll be laughing together and loving each other in the best spot possible – your stunning new backyard jacuzzi. Adults and children alike will agree that there couldn’t have been a better vacation this year. Put aside your travel worries. You’ve come to just the right place. Start building your new family staycation with amenities and ideas from Parnell Pool & Spa. We have the leading line of hot tubs from the brand that started the innovation of backyard hot tub recreation — Jacuzzi®. A Parnell hot tub from Jacuzzi will completely satisfy all your vacation woes. Jacuzzi has established itself as both inventor and innovator of the modern-day hot tubs and whirlpool baths. We have the best models available to make your backyard an outstanding place for fitness, recreation, incredible family relationships and the most fun staycation you could ever have dreamed of. So, leave those vacation worries behind. Contact us today to see how a hot tub from Parnell can transform each and every day of your life.

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