Can You Enjoy a Hot Tub in the Summer?

If you’ve been debating a hot tub, you may be wondering if it’s a year-round investment or something you’ll only use for part of the year. After all, some years North Carolina has what feels like 9-10 months of hard winter and other years Old Man Winter hardly makes an appearance. Will your hot tub sit, alone and unused, in the summer?

Not at all. Our customers find that a hot tub is a year-round gathering place that provides everything from physical therapy to socialization to a short, impromptu vacation, anytime you need or want it. Here are a few ways to enjoy a Jacuzzi® from spring through fall.

Year-Round Hydrotherapy

The therapeutic benefits of hot tubs know no seasonal boundaries. Year round, home spas deliver health benefits like better sleep, pain reduction, quicker healing, a stronger immune system, and numerous mental and psychological benefits, as well. Hot tubs make it less likely you’ll get injured during sports or exercise, and provide faster recovery and healing afterwards. You’ll want these benefits in the summer as much as winter, perhaps more so if you enjoy summer sports! It’s also a huge destressor when the kids are home for summer break. All day. Every day. All. Summer. Long.

Set Up a “Cool Tub”

Although you need to run the pump to circulate the water for cleanliness, and you’ll want to use the jets for massage therapy, it isn’t necessary to crank up the heat to use your hot tub. Your hot tub water will stay roughly the same temperature as the outdoors, depending on how much sunlight it gets. By keeping your hot tub heater turned down, you save on power costs, while keeping your spa water the perfect temperature for a cool soak. After exercise, such as mowing the yard or playing catch with the kids, the water will feel refreshing and relaxing, just as a warmer soak feels when temps are cold outside.

Soak in the Early Mornings or Late Evenings

Your hot tub water will be coolest in the early morning hours, after the sun has been down all night and hasn’t yet risen to begin warming the water. Second to that, late evenings will be the coolest time to soak. If you’ve never sipped your coffee during a pounding massage in a hot tub, we think you should fix this immediately. You can thank us later. And there has never been a day that doesn’t end better with a late evening hot tub soak! Whether you’re wrapping up the best day of your life or trying to recover from a brutal day at the office, hot tub therapy is just what the doctor ordered. Well, we would if we were doctors … 

Consider Investing in a Pergola or Umbrella

You can considerably lower the temperature of your hot tub all summer if you add a pergola, awning, umbrella, or another source of shade. Even a line of shade trees placed judiciously can shade the spa enough to keep it cool during the summer. Just be aware that more shade does mean less heat from the sun during the winter. So pick a retractable or removable shade source (like an umbrella) if possible to take advantage of those warming rays during wintertime.

Parnell Pool & Spa has everything you need to enjoy your Jacuzzi hot tub all year long. From ringing in the new year to hosting springtime hot tub parties to watching 4th of July fireworks and hiding from the trick-or-treaters on Halloween, your hot tub will be your daily retreat. Come take a closer look at one of our convenient locations in Fayetteville or Lumberton. We’ve got the perfect spa for you!

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