Bought a House, Gained a Pool

What To Do When You Inherit a Pool

Buying a home with a pool shouldn’t be considered a drawback. On those hot summer days, while relaxing in the cool water or entertaining family/friends, you will end up thanking yourself (and your realtor) for purchasing a home with such a fantastic amenity. 

However, at Parnell Pool & Spa, we understand that inheriting a pool can be stressful, and many homebuyers have no clue where to begin on the pool-owning journey. If you have recently purchased a home with a pool, try not to don’t panic, and remember that pools are easier to maintain than you may think.    

Don’t Panic

Whether you see crystal clear water or a green algae-filled pool, do not panic. Owning a pool comes down to two basic ideas that work hand-in-hand:

  1. Pool Maintenance
  2. Pool Water Chemistry 

If you can wrap your head around the idea that you will have to complete general maintenance and balance the chemicals each week, your pool will turn into an asset and a memorable addition to your property. 

Pool Maintenance

It is best practice to create a weekly checklist to keep your pool running smoothly during the summer months. Maintenance such as

  • Remove leaves and debris from your skimmer and strainer basket
  • Remove leaves and debris from the surface of the pool 
  • Brush the pool walls towards the main drain
  • Vacuum the bottom of the pool to remove debris (Robotic Pool Cleaners
  • Check the pool’s water level and adjust accordingly
  • Clean filters if they are clogged or compromised

Pool Water Chemistry

The majority of pool water problems stem from water that is not correctly balanced. It is essential to keep your water properly balanced and add chemicals as needed throughout the summer months.  Proper water chemistry is all about making sure the chemicals in the pool work more efficiently and last longer. At times, the levels found within your pool will be too high or low, and adjustments will need to be made. The top chemicals to test are

  • Sanitizer Level (Chlorine or Bromine)
  • pH
  • Alkalinity
  • Calcium (water hardness)
  • Cyanuric Acid (conditioner/stabilizer)

Each of these chemicals must fall into a specific range. Depending on if the chemicals are too high or too low, they must be altered so the water chemistry is balanced and safe for swimming. 

Water Chemistry Help

Our expert service team at Parnell Pool & Spa has the know-how and experience to recommend the right line of products to maintain your pool. The basic requirements are to sanitize, shock, and prevent algae from forming. Sanitizer (usually chlorine) kills bacteria and inhibits the growth of other contaminants in your pool water. “Shocking” your pool is the addition of extra chlorine to treat your water after a rainstorm or extremely heavy use. It will eliminate cloudiness from the water, prevent algae from forming and restore the chlorine to optimum efficiency. For this reason, using an algaecide weekly is smart, as it prevents algae from forming. 

At Parnell Pool & Spa, we also offer a free water analysis to help you better understand your water chemistry. Not sure how to collect a water sample? Take a look at the following blog for more information. 

Need Help?

If you have a question about the proper running of your pool, stop by our Fayetteville or Lumberton location anytime to check out our products, purchase chemicals for your pool/hot tub, or get a specific question answered by one of our experts. Visit us online at www.parnellpoolandspa.com or take a look at our Facebook page.  

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