Be the Pool Owner Your Pool Wants You To Be

From the day your pool was born, it delighted in providing you and your family with countless moments of unbridled joy. It supported you while you spent hours carelessly floating around, lathered in too much sunscreen and trying not to spill any of that tropical beverage. It watched your children grow up, helped them learn how to swim, and made them known for having the best backyard birthday parties in town. You owe it to your pool to make sure that it is properly taken care of so that it can continue to provide you with a lifetime of priceless memories. Our staff can provide you with the tools that you need to become the pool owner that your pool wants you to be. 

Know Your Pool

Your pool is as unique as you are. It requires a specific combination of chemicals to make sure that it is clean and safe for you to enjoy. Here are the five key levels that you should be monitoring and their target optimal range:

  •  Free Chlorine 1.0-3.0 ppm
  •  PH Balance 7.4 – 7.6
  •  Total Alkalinity 80-140 ppm
  •  Calcium Hardness 200-400
  •  Cyanuric Acid 25-50 ppm

You can find out more about how each of these affects your pool’s chemical composition here. The levels will also vary based on what type of pool you have. It’s easy enough to pick up a water testing kit and test your water to find out what you need to do to adjust the balance, and our water care experts can help you with any questions you have!

Stay on Schedule

Make sure to be diligent when preparing your pool for a change of season. Your pool certainly won’t appreciate spending the winter spawning algae and bacteria. Make sure to check your pool’s chemical balance before covering it for the winter so that any potential issues can be fixed before they become a headache. And make sure that you check your filters and water levels again before you and your pool are happily reunited for the summer season. A proper opening makes for a long, enjoyable pool season.

Look Good, Feel Good

Your pool needs care and attention in order for it to be healthy and clean. Just like you brush your teeth twice a day, your pool needs to have its pumps, pipes, water and filters checked regularly to ensure everything is working correctly. Imagine the dental bill if you didn’t brush your teeth for an entire year! Regular maintenance is the way to go to make sure you avoid any massive repairs or issues.

Take care of your pool the way it takes care of you and your family.

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