A Papa-Sized Pool Party for Father’s Day

The pandemic has put a damper on many of this year’s festivities, Mother’s Day included. Hopefully, your family figured out a way to celebrate despite the lockdowns! No matter which way the government decides to go this Father’s Day, you can be sure to have a celebration worthy of everything he is to your family, right by your pool in your own backyard. Here’s how.

Pick a Theme

What’s dad into? Whether he’s a hardcore Panthers’ fan, a die hard golfer, or more of a sci-fi geek, you can plan a theme party around his favorite thing. Not sure which way to go? A luau is always a festive safe bet! But his Father’s Day celebration should be something that he’ll get a real kick out of.

Plan the Menu

Is Dad a Meat-and-Three kind of guy? Perhaps he’s into health foods, or loves a hot-and-saucy pork shoulder. Whatever you decide to do, a new grill is one of the best Father’s Day gifts you can get! Cooking outdoors eliminates the heat and mess of cooking indoors, and it’s Dad’s way to reconnect with his primal inner self. Parnell Pool & Spa has an excellent selection of high-quality grills. Stop by anytime!

Decide What Dad Does & Doesn’t Want to Do

Some dads like to man the grill, oversee the pool chaos, and do “all the things”. Other dads prefer a day to chillax and enjoy a day of rest. Which is your dad? If he likes to be in on the action, let him! But if he wants some rest, be willing to pitch in and handle the dirty work so dad can teach everyone how to do an authentic cannon ball in the pool.

Have Some Pool Games at the Ready

Sometimes, especially when we can’t get a crowd of folks together, it’s hard to get into that party spirit. It’s a good idea to line up some games to play in case things are a little dull. You can keep it simple with a game of Marco Polo, or step up your pool games with a volleyball net, basketball goal, or other pool toys and games. If your dad is the kick-back type, perhaps gift him with an elegant lounge float for the pool! Parnell Pool & Spa has an excellent selection.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

When you plan a party or get together, it’s easy to mess up with the decorations, overcook the food, or another mishap. Don’t sweat it. Dad knows that it truly is the thought that counts, so if the blow-up flamingo is a bit lopsided or the barbecue chicken is a little crisp, relax and enjoy the day anyway. Life is filled with lovely, happy imperfections — just like Good Old Dad!

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