5 Ways to Keep Everyone Safe This Pool Season

Pool Safety Tips

Every pool owner knows that there are two sides to owning a pool.

  • The Fun Side: floating around on flamingo rafts and competing in rousing games of Marco Polo while making great memories
  • The Realistic Side: the overwhelming realization that pools can be dangerous and drowning concerns are always a potential risk

While we don’t want to take away from the fun of owning a pool, it is essential to think about pool safety rules and regulations before the summer season begins. Having set rules and knowing pool safety tips will ensure both adults and children are protected around the water.

Tip #1: Keep Your Eyes Open

Always watch children when they are in or near the water and never leave them unattended. If multiple adults are enjoying the pool activities, designate one of them as the “Parent Lifeguard” for a certain amount of time. Rotate this role and make sure that everyone knows who is supervising. 

Tip #2: Enroll Children in Swim Lessons

Swimming is a lifesaving skill and fun! Make sure to enroll your child in swim lessons at a young age if you have a pool at your home. By teaching your children basic water safety tips and swimming skills, you are preparing them to interact safely with the water. If a child enters your pool who cannot swim, make sure to have an appropriate personal floatation device (fun pool toys and inflatable toys do not count as a personal floatation device).

Tip #3: Know the Rules

  • Walk, don’t run
  • No diving in the shallow end
  • Don’t play around drains and suction outlets
  • No roughhousing near the water

We have all heard pool rules before or read them on the water safety signs posted near the water, but that doesn’t mean a refresher course can’t help. Make sure to review pool rules at the start of each season and when individuals come to your home to utilize the pool. If you have children, it might be worth the extra few minutes to review pool safety rules at the beginning of each pool session. Sharing safety instructions with family, friends, and neighbors is the number one way to prevent potential issues at the pool. 

Tip #4: Never Swim Alone

Adults, children, dogs…this rule applies to everyone! No one should swim alone or be left unsupervised in the water. No matter the swimmer’s skill level, drowning accidents can occur at any time. 

Tip #5: Be Emergency Ready

Learn to perform CPR on children and adults and make sure to update those skills regularly. Always have a phone, first aid kit, and a flotation device ready and available when near the pool. If any problems arise, make sure to notify an adult immediately and call for help when necessary. 

If a child has gone missing near or around the home, check the pool and spa first. Do not delay! To help keep track of your little ones, consider installing a door alarm from the house to the pool. While a fence around your pool is mandatory in the state of North Carolina, make sure your children and neighborhood friends know that they should never climb over the fence. 

Final Thoughts

Pool safety and drowning prevention are important for any swimming facility or residential pool. At the beginning of every pool season, make sure to review the rules with your children and individuals who use your pool throughout the summer months. 

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