5 Steps to Properly Collect a Water Sample

Why is collecting a water sample properly so important? Properly collecting a water sample increases the accuracy of your water test. Having an accurate water test helps us recommend the right chemicals and helps you have a clear, comfortable pool all season long!

  1. Make sure the water has been circulating for a minimum of 12-24 hours at Spring opening and a minimum of 6 hours during the pool season.
  2. Grab a water sample bottle.
  3. Collect your water sample, making sure you reach down to your elbow (or about 18 inches).
  4. Fill up the entire bottle. It’s better to have excess sample water than not enough.
  5. Bring the sample into your local BioGuard water-test center, Parnell Pool & Spa. For the best results, make sure the sample is no more than 2 days old, in a closed container, and stays at room temperature prior to being brought in for a water test.  The sooner the water is tested, the more accurate the results.

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