5 Steps to Prepare Your Pool for a Hurricane ⛈💨

Here in southeastern North Carolina, we have seen our share of hurricanes. As a hurricane approaches, there are things that you can do in preparation to protect your family, your home, and investments such as your swimming pool. Your local pool care experts at Parnell Pool & Spa strive to help you protect your pool all year long. Special care and attention are needed during the hurricane season. Be sure to follow these 5 steps to protect your pool before a hurricane hits.

How to Protect Your Pool:

1. Do not drain your pool

Water in the pool provides weight to help keep the pool and pool liner in the ground and secure.  Also, having water in the pool will help with an easier pool clean up compared to an empty pool.

  • If you have a fiberglass pool that has a “daylight drain” -a vertical drain pipe that allows you to see groundwater levels- keeping an eye on the groundwater levels and pumping out that groundwater would be advisable.

2. Turn off power

Turn off your power at the circuit breakers in your main electrical panel.  If flooding is expected, disconnect your pool’s electrical equipment and put it in a safe, dry place.

3. Remove loose items

Remove loose items such as chairs, tables, and other items that could become projectiles.

4. Add extra Smart Shock

Having extra chlorine shock (BioGuard’s Smart Shock) will prevent contamination from rainwater and debris.  You may also add an initial dose of algaecide (BioGuard’s Algae Complete) to eliminate organic contaminants that enter the pool water.

5. Consider the pros and cons of covering your pool

Pro: Your cover will possibly protect your pool from debris such as tree branches and flying debris. See what a CoverStar Safety Cover is capable of keeping out of your pool in the article “How’d That Get There? Safety Covers For The Win!”

Con: Your cover may not protect the pool from tree branches, resulting in both a damaged pool and pool cover.

Note: Pool covers can get caught by the wind and fly away. An aboveground pool is especially at risk for this kind of damage during a hurricane. 

Keep an eye out for our upcoming article on what to do to care for your pool after a hurricane hits! Let us help you care for your pool after the hurricane, and properly prepare for pool closing. Be sure to RSVP and join us for Pool Closing School! You can RSVP via Facebook, in person, or over the phone.

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