Vinyl-Lined In-Ground Pools

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About Our Vinyl Lined Pools

Fort Wayne Pools, by Latham, is the industry’s leading manufacturer of package pools.  With over 35 years of experience, they are the largest manufacturer of pool components in the world.  Most importantly, because of their experience and status within the industry, they are able to provide some of the longest warranties in the industry.

The Fort Wayne Elite package that we sell is 100% Fort Wayne Pools.  That means your pool panels and bracing system, liner, coping and step are manufactured and designed to work in tandem and fit together perfectly.  It also means that you have only one manufacturer to warrant your pools substructure.

Many other companies have private label pool packages that they purchase through distribution and use multiple manufacturer’s components to make up the pool substructure (pool wall panels, panel braces, step, coping, liner).  That means they weren’t manufactured necessarily to fit together perfectly and you will have multiple manufacturer’s warranting your pool.  You can’t have peace of mind this way. You might save a little bit in the short term, but in the long run, your peace of mind is worth a lot!

Why Choose Our Vinyl Pools


Vinyl-lined swimming pools are genearally much more economically priced and have a lower initial cost as compared to Fiberglass or Gunite (conrete) pools.  Parnell Pool & Spa has a variety of pool models to fit almost every consumer’s pricing needs.


Vinyl-lined pools are durable and will last for decades.  The vinyl-lined pool sold at Parnell Pool & Spa are of the most superior strength and durability.  The Fort Wayne Elite pool panels, are in many ways, as strong as steel and totally non-corrosive.  We even have braces that attach directly to the wall panels to support the concrete deck and help to prevent it from settling.


Vinyl-lined pool have a relatively quick installation timeframe.  Generally, a vinyl-lined in-ground pool will take approximately 2-3 weeks to install properly.  The installation of the substructure of the pool usually only takes approximately 1 week but it is required that let the area around the pool where the concrete deck is to be poured settles 1-2 weeks.

Warranty Information

Your Elite Pool wall panels, braces, and steps carry a lifetime warranty backed by Fort Wayne Pools. Your vinyl liner and safety cover will periodically need to be replaced; however, they carry one of the best warranties in the industry — a 5-year full, 15-year prorated transferable warranty.

Choose Your Pool Shape

In addition to traditional shapes and sizes, vinyl-lined pools are extremely customizable with a variety of vinyl patterns, step options, spillover spas, and tanning ledges.

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