Traditional Chlorine Pools

Many of our customers hold off for years before getting a swimming pool. And this is sad, because often they are reluctant to get something they’re really going to enjoy because they’re worried about pool water care. Yes, it used to be something of a hassle. But with Parnell Pool & Spa and BioGuard on your side, pool maintenance is easy and fast. Stop fretting over measurements and figuring — start enjoying your backyard pool!

For traditional chlorine pools, we usually recommend BioGuard’s 3-Step Program. It’s easy, fast, and does an amazing job of keeping your pool water clean and beautiful.

Here’s when we recommend the BioGuard 3-Step Program for Traditional Chlorine Pools:

  • Pools of any size or type
  • Pools that have chlorinators or skimmers and the right water flow
  • Pool owners who run their circulation system 10 to 24 hours a day

Is the 3-Step Program right for you and your pool? Come see our highly trained technicians and we’ll find the perfect pool sanitation system for your chlorine pool! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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3 Step Pool Care

Pool care is a cinch with this easy 3-Step System. Great for busy pools of any size or surface type. You’ll enjoy effective results throughout the pool season.

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