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Why BioGuard®? Why Parnell Pool & Spa?

You have any number of options for buying pool chemicals. You could shop online. Or go to the big box store. There’s also other pool dealers around you could shop with. Why would you come to Parnell Pool & Spa? Why would you spend a little more for BioGuard?

There are 6 reasons to trust us with your pool water care needs:

  1. Better Training
  2. Better Equipped
  3. More Experienced 
  4. Friendlier
  5. Quality-Focused
  6. Trustworthy

Every year, we send our technicians to H2KnowTM. H2Know is BioGuard’s ongoing training and education program, which gives us the absolute highest level of training and expertise in the business. We aren’t just experienced at pool and spa water care — we’re absolute experts!

The training program includes in-depth education on water chemistry, pool maintenance, and techniques for preventing water problems before they even start. We learn the best troubleshooting methods for pool problems, but more than that! We gain certification in customer service, as well. Our technicians are H2Know Certified Water Care Experts, and it shows.

That’s why you can’t just buy BioGuard pool care products anywhere. You can only get these products from certified BioGuard dealers. That means you’re privy to the absolute best customer service, experience, knowledge and quality in the industry.

We also have the ALEX computerized water testing system. This means you always get the most detailed, accurate information possible, based on the exact condition of your pool or spa water at any given time. We offer this advanced, unbeatable testing for FREE to our customers!

5 Keys to Pool Care

Free ALEX Water Testing

Buyer's Guide

Need even more convincing? Find information on topics like Benefits of Owning a Pool, Types of Pools, Pool Safety, Pool Maintenance, and more!

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