Above-ground vs In-ground Pools

The kids have all their future pool toys picked out and your spouse has the first backyard pool party planned, but you are still on the fence about getting a pool. What’s holding you back? We’ll bet you are dithering about what type of pool would best suit your situation. Let’s see if we can […]

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How to Stay Limber After 50

Growing older is inevitable. Over time, our hair gets gray, we lose muscle strength, and our metabolism slows. As we age, our muscles lose elasticity and we experience stiffness in our joints. We become less limber, which negatively affects our mobility and our ability to engage in activities we previously enjoyed. All that being said, […]

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How to Add Shade to Your Outside Space

You’re done with dinner prep, and you have a few moments to check your social media and reply to a few text messages while it simmers. The sun is beginning its descent for the day, but hasn’t made it to the horizon yet. But, aaaaahhhh! You can’t even see the screen because the sunlight is […]

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What is a Non-Chlorine Pool?

For many years, chlorine has been the number-one water sanitizer used in swimming pools. Inexpensive, effective, and readily available, chlorine has been the standard for both residential and commercial pools. However, today’s consumers are nothing if not savvy about their options. Demanding pool sanitation products that are more eco-friendly, easier to use, and less “smelly” […]

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Save NOW with This REBATE on Pentair Pool Cleaners

An automatic pool cleaner can save you hours of work each week, and keep your pool in spotless appearance and condition. We know you’ve got more fun things to do than clean your pool. Why not get an automatic pool cleaner so you can start enjoying your pool more and toiling over it less? Parnell […]

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Save NOW With This REBATE on Pentair Pool Pumps

Sparkling clean water is a must for every backyard pool. If you can conserve energy and save money while keeping your pool pristine, all the better! You don’t have to think twice to know that is a good idea. If your current pump isn’t up to the task of keeping your pool adequately filtered, or […]

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The Best Summer Pool Games

You just settled in your poolside lounge chair with the latest bestseller. But before you can take the first sip of your iced tea, the kids surround you, telling you they’re bored. Don’t lose your patience. We’re going to share some of the best summer pool games that will keep those kids occupied and let […]

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What is “chlorine demand” and how does it affect my pool chemistry?

One of the things pool and spa owners struggle with is the fact that they can’t just add X amount of Y chemicals each week and maintain good water chemistry. What’s with all the testing? Why do I have to figure out how much of this and that to add? Why isn’t it the chlorine […]

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Bluetooth Speakers: Are They Worth Adding on to Your Hot Tub?

You may be wondering if it’s worth it to add Bluetooth® speakers to your hot tub. Do you use your hot tub to unwind and relax? If stress-reduction is your goal, adding music via Bluetooth speakers may be one of the smartest moves you could make. Taking this step will provide you the ultimate experience […]

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5 Tips for Successful Pool Care

You may feel that maintaining your pool is a chore, a necessary evil, or so tricky to get right that only a professional can do it. That just isn’t the case, and we at Parnell Pool and Spa are here to take the mystery out of caring for your pool. These 5 tips for successful […]

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