5 Steps to Drain & Refill Your Hot Tub

How do I go about draining and refilling my spa? Draining your spa is easy and simple. If you are planning to remove unseen build-up in your spa plumbing using BioGuard System Flush, do so before draining your spa. Instructions on how to properly use this chemical can be found on the bottle. If you […]

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How Often Should I Drain & Refill My Hot Tub?

On average, a hot tub owner should drain and refill their spa once every 3-4 months. It is possible that you may have to drain and refill more often depending on water temperature, your filter and chemicals, the frequency of use, and number of bathers. 4 Factors Affect How Often a Hot Tub Should be […]

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5 Steps to Prepare Your Pool for a Hurricane ⛈💨

Here in southeastern North Carolina, we have seen our share of hurricanes. As a hurricane approaches, there are things that you can do in preparation to protect your family, your home, and investments such as your swimming pool. Your local pool care experts at Parnell Pool & Spa strive to help you protect your pool […]

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6 Steps to Properly Close Your Pool

Our goal for you is that you open your pool in the Spring to clear, comfortable, protected water. A good pool opening starts with proper pool closing. Whether you have an inground or above ground pool, following these 6 simple steps for closing your pool will help you have a pain free pool opening. 1. […]

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5 Quick Pool Closing Tips for a Pain-Free Pool Opening

When Spring comes back around and your pool water begins to warm back up, the first thing you want to do is open your pool to find a massive, expensive headache. No? …We didn’t think so either. Our goal for you is to avoid that headache altogether by maintaining the clarity, comfort, and protection of […]

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Winter Pool Care: Covering & Winterizing vs. Leaving Open

We understand that your pool is an investment. There are two ways to protect your investment during the off-season: close your pool or leave your pool open. Consider the pros and cons of each when deciding how to care for your pool this winter. Covering & Winterizing Your Pool Pros Covering and winterizing your pool […]

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How to Properly Care for Your Open Pool Through Winter

Are you comfortable with caring for your pool during the pool season? If so, you’ll find caring for your pool during winter to be even easier. While caring for an open pool throughout the winter season requires the same kind of care as during the regular season, the care is required less frequently. Less Frequent […]

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4 Benefits to Cleaning Your Sand in July

July marks the middle of pool season here in South Eastern NC. The first half of pool season is filled with excitement – and swimmers in your pool. Your filter has been working hard these past few months to keep your water clear. Your filter’s job isn’t over yet, though. Consider these four benefits to […]

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Thanks For Joining Us

Thank you to everyone who joined us at our store locations in Lumberton and Fayetteville for our Pool School event! We appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedules. We hope that the pool maintenance tips you picked up during the program save you time, energy, and money – helping you have your best […]

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Enroll in Pool School

Join us at our Fayetteville or Lumberton store location, 6:30 p.m. Thursday, May 2nd for our Pool School Event. Learn how to properly maintain your pool throughout the season, enjoy light refreshments, and take home free giveaways. All you need to bring is a water sample and any pool-care questions you may have! RSVP here […]

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