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Owner | Fayetteville

For many years, Kathy has been both a pool owner and a pool & spa company owner. Her unique experience has exposed her to the numerous joys and unexpected challenges that come with pool ownership. With this in mind, she works to create a welcoming in-store experience where you can find help during those unexpected challenges, and pool accessories to add to the fun.

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General Manager | Fayetteville

Parnell Pools has been fortunate to have Mickey as a team member for over 10 years. In addition to being a Bioguard Certified Chemical Expert, Mickey uses his years of experience with Parnell Pool & Spa to serve as a personal guide to picking out pools and spas. He’ll help you figure out which pool or spa will best fit your lifestyle and budget, and stick by you through the installation process to ensure your satisfaction.

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Retail Manager | Fayetteville

A valuable member of the Parnell team, Paul pairs his decades of experience in customer care with his Bioguard Certified Chemical Expertise to help those around him. His attention to detail and genuine desire to help others make him someone you can count on when visible algae growth strikes the week before your pool party.

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Retail Sales Associate | Fayetteville

As a Bioguard Certified Chemical Expert and aspiring attorney, Jonathan brings water care expertise and a passion for problem-solving to the table. For over a year, Jonathan has worked to solve chemical and technical pool care problems. When he’s not helping you solve your pool-care-crisis in time for the upcoming weekend, he’s telling cheesy jokes to entertain (or possibly annoy) his coworkers.

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Retail Sales Associate | Lumberton

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Service Manager | Lumberton

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Accountant | Lumberton

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