5 Keys to Pool Care

Here are our 5 steps to maintaining a traditional chlorine pool:

  1. Good Water Circulation
    You can pour in chemicals all day, but without circulating the water in the pool, the sanitizers can’t be effective. Additionally, bacteria and algae don’t grow in moving water, and the filters can only capture the debris when it is circulated to that area of the pool. BioGuard recommends 12+ hours per day of water circulation, and daytime is optimal. Many pool owners switch on their system early in the morning, so it’s done by the time they get home in the evenings and get ready to hop in the pool. Timers can be amazingly helpful, so you don’t forget to turn the equipment on and off.
  2. Good Filtration
    Filters are the silent heroes of the swimming pool. Our sanitizers would be helpless when it comes to pool cleanliness without these physical barriers that remove the particles. Cleaning the filters is essential for keeping them in good working order between filter replacements. Backwash the filters regularly, as described in your owner’s manual. In addition to the physical cleaning by backwashing, you’ll also need to chemically cleanse the pool filters regularly to remove oil and debris that builds up and won’t dislodge in the backwash. We can work with you to set up a schedule for filter cleaning and replacements that keeps your pool water clean and clear and your working equipment in tip top shape.
  3. Thorough Cleaning
    Just like most homes have that “hot spot” where it seems the heating and cooling never reach, most pools have an area that just doesn’t circulate as well as the rest. That’s why regular brushing and vacuuming of all walls and the pool floor is so important. This picks up the dust and debris that never seems to make it to your pool filters.
  4. Water Testing
    Pool owners often want straightforward answers to questions like, “How much of this or that do I add to my pool?” Unfortunately, there is no set-in-stone answer, because every pool on earth has different requirements! The size of your pool, shape, environment, landscaping, and the specific water quality in your neighborhood all factor into your pH levels, sanitizer requirements, etc. If you use your pool regularly, you’ll want to check your water chemistry a couple of times per week and adjust per your BioGuard instructions. We can help you work that out! You’ll also want to bring us a very fresh sample of your water in an unused receptacle (we can provide you with one!) when you open your pool, close your pool, and once every month to six weeks during the swimming season. Our computerized ALEX water test determines exactly what BioGuard products you need to use, as well as what quantities.
  5. Water Chemistry
    Don’t fret when you hear the scary term “Water Chemistry”. We’re not going to let you fail like you did your sophomore year of high school! That’s why we are an authorized BioGuard dealer, because when you come in with your water sample, you walk out with the exact products you need, the amount you need, and detailed instructions on how to use it. No guesswork. No frustration. No cheating off Sally’s paper. Just easy answers and the right stuff to maintain your pool and have a spectacular swimming season this year and every year.

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