How Often Should I Drain & Refill My Hot Tub?

On average, a hot tub owner should drain and refill their spa once every 3-4 months. It is possible that you may have to drain and refill more often depending on water temperature, your filter and chemicals, the frequency of use, and number of bathers.

4 Factors Affect How Often a Hot Tub Should be Drained

  • Water Temperature
    • A Hot Tub is usually kept at high temperatures. Heat and moisture create a breeding ground for bacteria. The temperature, therefore, affects what needs to be done to keep the water clean and clear.  
  • Your Filter and Chemicals
    • Impurities enter the water with bathers in the form of body oils, perspiration, and traces of soap. Your filter and chemicals will either oxidize or remove a lot of these impurities, but not all of them.  At some point, the water will start to become foamy, cloudy, or even have a noticeable smell.  
    • Note: Testing your spa water at least 2x per week and keeping the water in proper chemical balance will keep the water clear and comfortable. It will also protect your hot tub’s equipment. Feel free to bring in a water sample for testing to either of our two locations as well.
  • Frequency of Use
    • The more frequent you use your hot tub, the more particulates you will have in your water – particulates that can’t always be filtered out. This means that the more you use your hot tub, the faster your water will become cloudy.
  • Number of Bathers
    • As with frequency of use, the more bathers you have in your hot tub, the more particulates you’ll have in your water. All of this affects water clarity.

Now that you have an idea of how often you should drain your hot tub, follow these 5 Steps to Properly Drain your Hot Tub.

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