How to Properly Care for Your Open Pool Through Winter

Are you comfortable with caring for your pool during the pool season? If so, you’ll find caring for your pool during winter to be even easier. While caring for an open pool throughout the winter season requires the same kind of care as during the regular season, the care is required less frequently.

Less Frequent Care – Why?

Care is required less frequently for a few different reasons:

  • Algae can’t grow in water temperatures under 65°F. This means less chlorine is used
  • No swimmers mean fewer contaminants being introduced into the pool
  • Insects are less prevalent

4 Steps to Proper Care for Your Open Pool Throughout Winter

What do you need to do to care for your open pool in winter?

  1. Keep your water balanced so as not to damage your pool’s surfacing
  2. Make sure your pool has and keeps the appropriate chlorine level
  3. Make sure your water is circulating
  4. Shift your focus from running your filter system in the heat of the day to running it at night to prevent freezing

For more information on how to prevent your pool and equipment from being damaged by freezing temperatures, click here.

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