5 Quick Pool Closing Tips for a Pain-Free Pool Opening

When Spring comes back around and your pool water begins to warm back up, the first thing you want to do is open your pool to find a massive, expensive headache. No? …We didn’t think so either. Our goal for you is to avoid that headache altogether by maintaining the clarity, comfort, and protection of your water. If you’re closing your pool for the winter season, follow these 5 quick pool closing tips for a pain-free pool opening.

Improperly balanced water can lead to serious problems such as pH wrinkles
  • Wait until the end of October (65 degree water temperature) to close your pool, if possible. Colder water is less susceptible to possible algae growth!
  • Clean your pool properly before you close it. Any problems that you cover up will worsen and be waiting for you in the Spring!
  • Balance your pool properly before closing it. Your pool surface could be seriously damaged if your water is not correctly balanced.
  • Mark & Store all of your equipment in a clean, dry environment for the winter.
  • Reopen the pool as early in the Spring as possible before the water becomes warm enough to allow algae blooms.

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