4 Benefits to Cleaning Your Sand in July

July marks the middle of pool season here in South Eastern NC. The first half of pool season is filled with excitement – and swimmers in your pool. Your filter has been working hard these past few months to keep your water clear. Your filter’s job isn’t over yet, though. Consider these four benefits to cleaning the sand in your sand filter half way through the season:

Water Clarity

  • Filtration is key to having a clear pool. If your pool water is not being filtered efficiently, your water will not be clear.


  • Grease, oil, scale, metal, and dirt deposits can build up over time. The buildup of grease and oil can form holes in your sand. Scales, metals, and dirt buildup left in your filter could solidify the sand like a big chunk of concrete.

Filter Efficiency

  • Filter cleanliness goes hand in hand with filter efficiency. With less grease, oil, scales, metals, and dirt in the way, your filter can function more efficiently. Not cleaning your sand regularly can decrease the life and reduce the efficiency of your filter, causing your water to become cloudy and stay cloudy. At this stage, your only option would be to replace your sand.

Lengthened Sand Life

  • Maintenance is less work than changing the sand entirely. Cleaning the sand in your filter twice a year will prolong the life of your sand. With regular maintenance, you could get 5 to 7 years out of the sand in your sand filter.

The months of July-September bring more storms, even hurricanes. With storms come debris – debris that will need to be filtered out. Make sure your filter is ready with BioGuard’s Strip-Kwik and Kleen It.

Better filtration = cleaner, clearer water.