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Parnell Pool & Spa just simply builds a better pool with your best interests in mind. Our "Pool Professionals" will set a plan that will suit your needs. Some builders are more concerned with their own needs, like how fast can they can get finished and get paid. At Parnell Pool & Spa we will construct your pool in a timely fashion, one that permits us give you the best desired quality results, results that you can see immediately and in the future.

How can we provide you the BEST?

In one word - EXPERIENCE! Parnell Pool & Spa has over 50 years of building excellence. We use only trained, payrolled employees who are led by a job foreman. They have been trained and understand the high level of quality that you expect and provide it at every stage of construction.

We do not use subcontractors to construct the substructure of your pool. This allows us to be able to control the outcome of the whole finished product and you won't have to deal with subcontractors who are only interested how they can finish the fastest and get paid.

With our 50 plus years of experience, we understand as a potential swimming pool buyer, you are looking for a company with longevity, experience, a quality product, a quality service department that is trained, one that will be able to support you after the construction is complete and has long warranties to protect you. Parnell Pool & Spa is all that plus more.

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