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 Benefits of Owning a Pool

Know where your kids are.

Did you know that the average American family can spend close to $100 a week on each child to entertain them while home from school during the summer? The cost of sports and activity camps can really add up, and so can memberships at town recreation facilities, trips to waterparks, or expensive vacations to the beach. With a swimming pool in your backyard, however, your kids have endless entertainment right at home—and you don’t even have to drive them to it!

Work out, calm down, make peace.

In addition to serving as a summer haven for your kids, owning a swimming pool can benefit your health—swimming can burn more than 400 calories per hour! A quick dip after work can help you de-stress and relax. Even just sitting out by the pool on a quiet summer evening with a glass of iced tea and a good book can be a source of immense calm.

Entertain with style.

You’ll become the envy of the neighborhood when you entertain in your new backyard. Whether it's a family-friendly pool party with Marco Polo and pool volleyball or an adult-only gathering with wine, grilling, and good conversation, a swimming pool provides the perfect atmosphere to enjoy summer sunshine and good company. Close a business deal after entertaining customers in your backyard. Host a bridal shower for your niece. Throw a birthday party for your daughter. Invite the neighborhood over for a fundraiser. Your pool becomes the go-to venue for all of your entertaining needs.

 Factors to Consider

How do we plan to use the pool?

Will it be for recreation, exercise, entertaining, or some combination of all of these? If you have a general idea of your intended use of the pool, it can help you work through the design process.

Do we have the time to maintain a pool?

Different types of pools require different levels of maintenance. Some, like vinyl liner pools, are relatively simple to maintain. It can take just a few minutes a week to check water and chemical levels.

What will our backyard accommodate?

If you live on the side of a cliff with a steep grade and little or no access for construction vehicles, then you may run into some problems! If you have a tiny backyard but want an Olympic-sized pool, it may not be possible. But for the most part, pool builders are very talented and creative when it comes to designing pools to fit in tight or awkward spaces.

 Types of Pools

Packaged Pools

Consist of components like wall panels, braces, steps, and a vinyl liner that are assembled together to create a pool. Popular materials for these components include steel and polymer. Packaged pools are typically "engineered," meaning they are designed and produced to predefined standards in a controlled factory environment. All components are designed to fit together. Steel packaged pools are generally less expensive than polymer pools, although many factors such as decking and extra accessories can factor into the overall cost.

Pros – easy to maintain, less expensive, variety of liner patterns available, engineered to standards, repairs are typically quick and inexpensive, many shapes and design options available. 
Cons – Liner eventually needs to be replaced.

Concrete Pools

Popular in the sunbelt states as well as the southwest and California, where the freezing and thawing cycles of the Northeast and Midwest are less of an issue. They are often used in commercial applications such as hotel pools. Installation of a gunite pool can take several months. The land is excavated and forms are brought in to shape the pool. Then the gunite material – a mixture of cement and sand - is sprayed or poured into the forms. The interior of the pool can be finished with plaster, polished marble, glass bead, painting or tile.

Pros – Flexibility of design options, can be built in any shape, high-end look.
Cons – Textured surfaces can be uncomfortable and abrasive, typically most expensive type of pool, lengthy construction time, very expensive to repair, surface can attract algae and bacteria and can discolor.

Fiberglass Pools

One-piece shells that can be "dropped in" to your yard in a very short period of time. Fiberglass pools come in a variety of shapes and colors and many feature integrated tile or floor patterns.

Pros – Quick and simple installation, variety of shapes and styles.
Cons – Higher cost, very little structural support around the pool to hold up decking. Can shift or heave in the ground in extreme wet or frost conditions.

 Pool Safety

Smart pool owners always think safety first. They take specific steps to ensure that their family, friends and guests are knowledgeable about the safe and sensible use of their pool. They also always ensure that:

  • their pool is never used unless there is adequate supervision
  • their pool is kept in good repair and is not used when there is a missing or broken drain cover or other component
  • ALL CHILDREN using their pool are supervised constantly
  • anyone under the influence of alcohol, drugs or stimulants that impair their judgment abilities does not use the pool
  • their pool is protected by appropriate barriers to unsupervised entry including fencing with self-latching gates, safety covers, alarms, etc.

At Parnell Pools & Spa, we encourage you to talk with all members of your family about pool safety and we promote a "feet first" approach to entering your pool—much safer than diving.

Parnell Pools & Spa supplies each new pool owner with a number of very important items of safety literature and we strongly encourage you to read each item carefully and follow its instructions:

  • Pool Owner’s Safety Handbook
  • Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) "Sensible Way" book
  • Vinyl swimming pool liner warranty information
  • "Children Aren't Waterproof" book
  • "No Diving" labels
  • Safety plaque and "Notice" card

 Pool Maintenance

Lifetime Warranty on Wall Structures

The Elite Pool wall panels and braces and the Sterling Pool wall structure have a lifetime warranty. What’s more, the warranty includes a one-time transfer clause. So if you ever sell your home, this can be an attractive feature to prospective buyers.

20-year Warranty on Vinyl Liners

Vinyl Liners from Fort Wayne Pools come with a 20-year warranty: five-year full replacement and fifteen-year prorated against manufacturer defects.

20-year Warranty on Safety Covers

Our safety covers are the strongest in the industry and so we can offer the best warranty in the industry: a 20-year warranty against manufacturer defects: five year full replacement and fifteen-year prorated.

 Pool Manufacturer

Most consumers today do their research and find brands that they come to know and trust. You may buy the same make of car, dishwasher or television time after time because you’ve come to expect quality and performance from that manufacturer, and you trust their products.

It's no different with a swimming pool – and perhaps even more important, considering the investment you family is making. So choosing swimming pool components from a well-respected manufacturer with a great reputation for quality and an outstanding warranty program should be a no-brainer. Fort Wayne Pools is a manufacturer that thousands of families throughout America have come to trust for our superior products and knowledgeable builder network.

When you choose a Sterling or Elite pool system from Fort Wayne Pools, you'll join these families in years of worry-free swimming pool enjoyment, knowing that it was constructed from the best materials and using the most advanced and stringent techniques available. Relax! You’ve got a Fort Wayne Pool.

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