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Vinyl-lined swimming pools are genearally much more economically priced and have a lower initial cost as compared to Fiberglass or Gunite (conrete) pools.  Parnell Pool & Spa has a variety of pool models to fit almost every consumer's pricing needs.

Strength and Durability

Vinyl-lined pools are durable and will last for decades.  The vinyl-lined pool sold at Parnell Pool & Spa are of the most superior strength and durabilty.  The Fort Wayne Elite pool panels, are in many ways, as strong as steel and totally non-corrosive.  We even have braces that attach directly to the wall panels to support the concrete deck and help to prevent it from settling. 

Quick Installations

Vinyl-lined pool have a relatively quick installtion timeframe.  Generally, a vinyl-lined inground pool will take aproximately 2-3 weeks to install properly.  The installtion of the substructure of the pool usually only takes approximately 1 week but it is required that let the area around the pool where the concrete deck is to be poured settles 1-2 weeks.


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